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  It's the million-dollar question, what could you do if you had a million dollars? No matter where you stand with your finances, we all dream of a life where money is no object, debt is non-existent, and we are free to do all the things we have dreamed of. Whether you are free from debt or still burdened by financial obligation, we all need to learn how to manage our finances. 

Whether you attend this church, another church, or no church at all, we encourage you to take this life changing class and discover the tools needed to reprogram your potential and awaken to the possibilities of a life living in freedom. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Financial Peace University® ("FPU")?

Dave Ramsey, best-selling author and national syndicated radio show host, has created Financial Peace University. It is a fun, life-changing, 9-week class that teaches you how to reach financial freedom. Through video teaching and class discussions, FPU presents practical steps to get from where you are to where you've dreamed you could be. This plan will show you how to manage your money, spend and save wisely, get rid of debt, communicate about money in your family, and much more!


Why is NLBC focusing a discipleship effort on personal finances?

We realized it's difficult to fully focus on areas of discipleship if we are pre-occupied with finances. Studies have shown that 78% of people in this nation are living paycheck-to-paycheck or worse. After much prayer and reflection our leadership knew this critical issue had to be addressed if we were to be effective in being disciples and fulfilling the great commission. The decision was made to pause some groups and studies for a brief nine week period to focus on Financial Peace University. This was the best way to help the most people possible to achieve financial freedom.

So many people in our church and community are in financial bondage, and many others have little understanding about how God wants us to handle money. FPU helps people gain control of their money by following God's plan for proper financial stewardship of spending, giving, and investing. When this happens, it has a profound influence in our homes, on the culture of our church and the influence we can have in our community.

Everyone. We believe every Christian should understand what the Bible says about handling money. All of NLBC's pastors and ministers are either in the process of taking or have completed FPU, and each of them can attest to the benefits for them personally and for their family. FPU is based in God's Word, and you learn not only what God says about money management, but you learn simple and up-to-date applications for putting God's truth into practice. These biblical principles transform the way you think about all of your resources, and give you the power to control how to spend and invest what you have. It will change your family legacy for generations to come.

This course is not primarily about getting out of debt; it is about teaching those of us who have been greatly influenced by our consumer culture, and God's attitude about money. Everyone, even those in business and work in the financial sector, learn a great deal going through this program. This is because the teaching is countercultural, and the FPU program follows God's truth even when conventional wisdom sends a different message.

We believe that 100% of our church family can benefit from biblical financial discipleship regardless of their starting position. During the first part of 2017 our entire leadership team completed FPU. Not all were living in debt or living paycheck-to-paycheck, but all learned practical, helpful things to bring greater peace and freedom in finances. Most of the classes do not focus on getting out of debt but address other financial topics. Therefore we believe that everyone, no matter their economic condition,  will benefit from taking Financial Peace University.

We believe that Financial Peace University is so important for each family, and we encourage that you make it a priority, even if it means putting other things on pause for a couple months. The class meets for two hours a week for nine weeks, but it is worth your time.

We will be offering classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday starting April 2nd .  We are confident there will be a class that fits your schedule.

We believe that Momentum will produce a radical shift in our church culture, setting people free in every area of their life, even beyond their finances. And, we believe that the change in our church can be a catalyst for change in our community. We hope to strengthen families and improve marriages by opening up lines of communication about finances in the home with practical tips and common goals to unite families. We believe that it will unite our church body as we become like-minded about how we should handle our finances according to God's Word. We believe that friendships will be built and strengthened as we walk this path together and grow with each other, even when it is hard.

I barely live paycheck to paycheck and have no money to manage, how can this course help me?

With Jesus there is always hope. God can make a way when there seems to be no human solution. Financial Peace University teaches God's plan for money, regardless of your current financial situation. God promises that everyone will reap what they sow, and even if you are broke or bankrupt, you can find hope in God's plan. You can be confident in God's provision, as you realize He is in control even in your time of need.

Every situation is different, and your results will depend on your commitment to put the principles learned in the course into practice on a daily basis. It has been documented that this program has changed the lives of literally millions of people. God's truth always changes lives, and Financial Peace University is simply teaching God's truth.

No, all of your personal information is confidential. The program teaches you to compile your own personal financial spending records and to manage your own budget. You learn step-by-step methods to develop a strategy to fit your situation. There are financial coaches available if you want to seek personalized counsel, but you are not asked to divulge personal financial information while taking the course.

Encourage your spouse to view the course as an opportunity to promote communication within your marriage and better understand how each of you relate to money. This is also an opportunity for you both to explore your financial values and dreams. Assure your spouse that this will be a win-win for your marriage!

This is an excellent opportunity for you to walk alongside others as mentors and encouragers or even participate in the class as a table leader or guide for those who need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Financial Peace University materials are published by Dave Ramsey's organization. We are using the FPU program because the teaching aligns with God's Word and is both biblical and practical. The plan has a proven track record for success both within our church body and nationwide, and we believe that there is eternal value in making a short term sacrifice for the long term benefit to your family and God's kingdom. We have seen that the rate of return on the one-time financial investment for families is almost immeasurable. We do not want the cost of the program to keep anyone from participating in this course along with the rest of our body, so please contact us if cost is a barrier:
 Willie@nlbclacey.net, or ChristianEd@nlbclacey.net.

The cost of the membership kit is $129. (That amount is per individual or per family; a couple or family needs only one membership. This enables someone to take the class multiple times without having to pay again.) NLBC has a limited number of kits available for $95. Some of us may need to save for a month or so to take the class, but the great news is that the payback or return on your investment is astronomical! The average family who have taken FPU paid off $3,500 of debt in just 9 weeks of the class. And they saved $3,200 during the same 9 weeks. That is $6,700 swing in their financial condition! The national average is $5,300 debt paid and $2,700 saved in first 90 days.

One of the perks of taking FPU is having a lifetime membership. If you have already taken Financial Peace University in the past, please contact us about the options available for you to take this updated course: Willie@nlbclacey.net, or ChristianEd@nlbclacey.net.

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